Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

How to Become a Fifteen Member


To participate in FFI-V events only the helm needs to be a member of FFI-V or a FFI affiliated Association.
However the boat bust be registered through an Owner membership.

To participate in the FFI Australian Championships both helm and crew must be a member of, and boat registered with, a FFI affiliated Association.

FFI-V offers a cheap $10- Non-owner membership for helm and crews where they are not the owner of the boat being raced.

Click on the RETURNING MEMBER link below or right, to renew
your membership from last season. 

If you have a past or existing Yacht/Sailing Club membership in Australia
but not of FFI-Victoria and wish to become a new member of FFI-Victoria
you should also click on RETURNING MEMBER

If you have not had a Yacht/Sailing Club membership in Australia,
then c
lick on the NEW MEMBER link below or right, to Register as a new member
of FFI-Victoria.
You will still need to become a Yacht/Sailing Club member before being allowed to race.

Only credit cards accepted for online Registration / Renewal, otherwise you will need to download the relevant paper membership form below,


If  you have been a member of FFI-V (or any sailing club across Australia), your details (including Australian Sailing Number (AS#)) may be in our system. If you don't know your AS#, you can look it up here: AS Number Finder

Note - Change of ownership and/or change of boat name invalidates an existing measurement certificate.
To change the ownership or boat name download the Boat Transfer form below.