ffiv is Flying Fifteen International - Victoria Inc (FFI-V).

FFI (in the UK) administers the Class in conjunction with the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).

Australian matters are managed by FFI – Australia who in turn delegate the running of local events to the various state Associations ergo FFI-V manages the Flying Fifteen fleet in Victoria.

We are Incorporated in Victoria under the Incorporations Act and our registered number is A0023907L, we have adopted the Consumer Affairs Victoria Model Rules for an Incorporated Association. See link on the Membership page for a copy of FFIV Rules of Association.

You may ask what is a Flying Fifteen?

• Is it a dinghy with a keel?

• Is it the most fun two people can have on a three-sail reach?

• Is it the only logical step when you're tired of capsizing dinghies?

• Is it the least expensive performance keel boat around?

• Is it the largest one-design keel boat fleet in the world?

It is all these things and More!

From the Bay to Bass Strait, and on a variety of lakes, you'll find Flying Fifteens all over Victoria.

The Uffa Fox designed Flying Fifteen is sailed at numerous clubs around Victoria, with five locations around Port Phillip and several country areas. Over fifty boats sail regularly.

More about the "Flying Fifteen"

Like to try flying a Fifteen? Contact Cameron Taylor or email us.