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The legendary Uffa Fox designed the Flying Fifteen in England in the 1940s, and his vision of a high-performance planing keelboat continues to flourish around the world, thanks to some judicious and intelligent class management.

By carefully controlling the use of modern materials, the Fifteen has maintained its exhilarating performance without becoming expensive to build or maintain.

Over 4,000 Fifteens sail worldwide and it is truly an International Class, with World Championships held every two years in alternate hemispheres.

The Classic Fleet

The class has also adopted a system of racing older ‘classic’ boats so the owners of older boats can compete and enjoy large fleet racing without feeling the need to buy a newer boat. Flying Fifteens with a sail number of 2700 or less, sail as a ‘classic’, competing for their own trophies.

The Yachting Victoria yardstick difference is only three, so Classics are always well mixed through the fleet. Internationally the Flying Fifteen class also separates boats with sail numbers between 2701 and 3200, calling them ‘silver’ but in Victoria this distinction is not always used. Some Victorian clubs are dominated by Classics and the competition is certainly no less enthusiastic!

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