Member Benefits

The BENEFITS of being a member of FFI - Victora

• The value of your boat is only upheld due to the existence of an active class association, which represents your interests in Australian Sailing, Yachting Victoria and World Sailing.

• Without a class association newer boats are unlikely to be built as there would not be a National or State Championships and the pundits would sail in another class leaving the class to wither.

• Without an active class association the class would become fragmented and eventually exist in only the odd club around the world. We all know of classes that are specific to one or two clubs.

• You are entitled to compete in all class events including the Ossie McCutcheon, State and National Championships, etc.

• Receive a copy of regular e-newsletters

• A registered Flying Fifteen Boat Owner may vote in all ballots for changes to the class rules - it is this dynamic change to keep the class modern that sustains our growth and retains the value in our boats.

• A registered Flying Fifteen Boat Owner may vote for any changes to the Flying Fifteen Constitution.

• Most clubs require a current measurement certificate to race even in club racing, and you can only obtain this by being a member. Members are able to request a replacement measurement certificate.
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Note - Change of ownership and/or change of boat name invalidates an existing measurement certificate.
To change the ownership or boat name go Back to Membership page to download a Boat Transfer form.

Hopefully these benefits will help persuade you to join FFI-V, and make the class even stronger.

In Victoria we offer separate membership for the Owner and Non-owner crew/helm which is essential for participating in National or World events. For Victorian events the Non-owner crew/helm do not need to be members of FFI-V which allows some flexibility finding a helm/crew, however they still need to be a member of an Australian Sailing affiliated yacht/sailing club. Once nominated for an event you cannot change helm/crew for that event without the written permission of the race officer.

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